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Icy Nova

I'm Kai, I'm an author/artist that goes by Saviyon. My stories are best described to go into the sci-fi, transgressive, or psychological thriller genres. I plan to become and astrophysics/cosmology student whenever I get the chance, however there are many things in my current life that are hindering.

I have a variety of interests and some of my favorite things include space, dreams, Ancient Egypt, wolves, lore, creepy and strangely beautiful.

I usually reblog beautiful, cute, creepy, cool, gory (I try to only post special effects), or funny--which is basically everything. Although, I would like to follow more blogs related to my interests, so if you know any good ones, hit me up!

I tag the gore as NSFW and gore for your blacklists.

Kai/Savi - 24 - Gay
ISFP - Cancer - Atheist
Asexual Demiromantic


If people are really going to assume that guys with long hair are gay and girls with short hair are lesbians then I am going to assume that all bald men are actually eagles.

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